August 30, 2008

Metakognition - Demons for Free

Folks, to shorten the time you have to wait for our debut album, we decided to upload our first DEMO CD called "Demons." Meanwhile we're right within our recording sessions to present our debut in Spring 2009.

We've hosted the DEMO CD on an 1-Click-Hoster, so it's quite easy to get it. The archive includes 11 tracks (*.mp3, 192kb/s), a 4-page booklet, the inlay (both as *.pdf) and the Metakognition logo(*.jpg).

1. From dusk...
2. Modern Holocaust
3. Spiegel*
4. Wahn & Sinn
5. Have you ever?
6. Lost in Advance
7. Tausendsehnen
8. Coercive Measure
9. Amok
10. Ein Mensch ward geboren**
11. ...till dawn.

*Guestappearance Markus Stöcker
**Leichenbrand Cover

Total playing time 51:42


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