June 22, 2009

Metakognition - Split up and fuck off! End of story!

There we go.

We're sick of all this shit - all these lies and hypocricies.
We decided to send Metakognition to hell as I'm writing 'cause we are more than Metakognition. We don't need that. We love music and we love Metakognition but we sure as death do not love you. We became way more mature in the months our band was growing and together we came to the conclusion that this is the best decision we've ever made in relation to our little eerie cult. Anyone who is sad about this decision did not get any of the passages I wrote and not even any of the lines S. composed.

Enjoy your Aids,

S. & V. - Metakognition

May 25, 2009

ARTWORK by Soth Designs

Faster than expected the artwork is finally done, too.
The artwork was created and made by SOTH DESIGNS who proved love to the detail and the delicacy of feeling we needed while representing the topic and the story. The artwork reflects the distance and passion Metakognition stands for. Thanks, my friend. You're going to love that one aswell. You can check the whole work below.

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Update X1.34

In precept the album is actually done. Now there is the booklet and a date when we will get it to print missing. We will sure discuss that and we will keep you informed.

The Eerie Void-Story is finished aswell but we still do not know whether we will print it or not. You can read the story on another blog of mine. Unfortunately it's only available in german. Maybe I'll make a translation but that will take much time and I don't have plenty of it.

Eerie Void-Story/Ghastly Art Blog!

Here is another flyer a friend of ours made. You're going to like it.

March 6, 2009

Eine Reise zu den Sternen & Kind ohne Namen

We are proud to announce that we are almost done. There are only two songs (1 cover and another own song) left until we can finally release that whole lotta work that took us so much power and energy and we hope it was worth it. We are indeed very satisfied with our new songs and we hope they will fit you. You can check out the lyrics of our recent two tracks 'Kind ohne Namen' and 'Eine Reise zu den Sternen' below if you like to. I hope you like them. As usual they are very personal and in that case they are the very key to the message of the 'Eerie Void'-Story.


Verloren, zerbrochen
Sieh wie die Farben verblassen
Geschunden, gemieden
Ich werd' das Grau nicht verlassen
Verborgen, verschwunden
Wie eine Frucht ohne Samen
Verstorben geboren
Bleib' ich ein Kind ohne Namen

Viel zu dünn ist das Eis, das mich trägt,
zu stark der Wind, der mich lenkt.
Zu schwach die Flamme brennt.

Viel zu klein ist die Hand, die mich nährt,
zu leise der Hall des Echos,
zu brüchig das Floß.

Der Zeiger, er dreht. Ich weiß, es ist Zeit.
Der Zeiger weiß, ich bin Schein.
Der Zeiger dreht, doch ich bleib' nicht allein.
Das Leben geht - Der Tod ist mein.


Ich baue eine Leiter und der Himmel ist das Ziel.
Sprosse um Sprosse - Kein Hindernis zuviel.
Ich baue eine Leiter gemacht aus Blut von mir..
Sprosse um Sprosse führt sie mich zu dir.

Viele, viele Jahre lass' ich nun hinter mir.
Abertausend Tage - Ganz egal, ich hab' nichts zu verlier'n.
...und ich tanze albern und sorgenfrei.
Weg mit der Fassade. Die Zeit ist da, es geht los und..
ich schrei..

'Kein Weg zu weit, ich bin frei.'

Viele, viele Jahre bin ich schon unterwegs.
Abertausend Tage - Ganz egal, ich ignorier' den Schmerz.
...und ich kämpfe. - Der Schweiß strömt, das Blut tropft.
Schluss mit dem Geklage - Ich bin bald da, du bist nah und..
ich schrei..

'Kein Weg zu weit, ich bin frei.'

Dort ist das Ende meiner Reise.
Ich öffne die Arme und weine leise.
Nie wieder Tränen, nie wieder flehen.
Du bist mein Traum, meine Liebe, mein Sehnen.

...und ich schrei..
'Kein Weg zu weit, wir sind frei.'

Wir bauen eine Leiter und die Sterne sind das Ziel.
Stern für Stern - Unser Exil
Wir bauen eine Leiter und schrei'n die Sonne an.
Schrei für Schrei, weil uns nichts mehr halten kann...

February 11, 2009


We are still quite busy with "The Eerie Void Inside" because of some private reasons and way less time to record. All of the songs are completely written except some lyrics that are still missing. We hope the work will be done as soon as possible to finally release the cd.

To shorten the time and excuse for the delay we have decided to put another bonus track on the album. It's a cover version of Grand Belial's Key's 'The Tenderhearted's Manifesto' you can already listen to on our MySpace page.

Furthermore we have a new logo. (made by a good friend of mine: De-Mythology) If you haven't seen it already you can do so below. We hope you like it just as much as we do.


V. / Metakognition

November 12, 2008

'Phase IV' and the idea behind 'The Eerie Void Inside'

Hey folks,

I'm going to give you some details on our forthcoming album now. 'The Eerie Void Inside' is based on a kind of concept revolving in my head for a few weeks. This so called story is about a quite normal person getting unreal intentions by some voices he can't assign yet. These voices are getting more and more human until the main actor is not able to be present anymore, except the fact that he still got his body which is quite unimportant if the ability of thinking was stolen in some way. In this process he has to live through different phases that include self-destruction, murder, a lot of hate and sorrow and even some sparks of hope and his will to fight.

While we industriously were writing and recording our new songs we also had the idea of not barely releasing the album as it is expected. If it is possible we would like to bring this very own story to paper and release it as some kind of addition to make it possible that the listener is able to feel and imagine how it is to live like the person in this story which is a very important fact to us. So if we get the opportunity we will sure do so, but yet it is unfortunately still some kind of reverie.

Furthermore we decided to upload another track called 'Phase IV' which gives some clues on the story and the intensity of the torture the actor is suspended to. At this point we are now also able to present the front cover of T.E.V.I.! In our opinion this cover perfectly reflects the story. We would be pleased if you give us a few sentences about what you like and, of course, what you dislike about the whole thing.


V. / Metakognition

(Click to enlarge image.)

October 26, 2008

Ich bin in Dir!

Hi Folks, the second song of our forthcoming album >The Eerie Void Inside< was uploaded on our MS-Page, too. The song's called 'Ich bin in Dir' and lasts at least 5.27. Have fun & Cheers.


Die Tür geht auf. Ein Flackerlicht, es blitzt dir in dein Gesicht.
Wo bist du? Du weißt es nicht? Der erste Schlag geht ins Gesicht.
Herzlich Willkommen, ich bin dein Sein, also bringt dir laufen nichts.
Spiel mein Spiel, dann passiert dir nichts. Spielst du's nicht. Schuss ins Genick.

Helfen wollt' ich dir, doch du setzt dich zur Wehr.
Dich alleine gibt es nicht und wird es nimmermehr.
Ich zeig' dir, was es heißt, sein Leben zu leben.
Ich zeig' dir, was es heißt, ein Leben zu nehmen.

Du weißt, wie es ist, wenn das weiße Licht auf dich zukommt und der Schweiß ausbricht.
Du weißt, wie es ist, wenn ein Traum zerbricht und zurück bleibt nur der Schaum der Gischt.

Du hast die Qual, doch keine Wahl.
Von Bedeutung bist du nicht.
Du bist egal, ich bin final
und ab jetzt dein Augenlicht.

Du weißt, wie es ist, wenn das weiße Licht auf dich zukommt und der Schweiß ausbricht.
Du weißt, wie es ist, wenn ein Traum zerbricht und zurück bleibt nur der Schaum der Gischt.

Ich bin hier, um dein Ich zu jagen.
Ich bin in dir, um dein Ich zu begraben.