November 12, 2008

'Phase IV' and the idea behind 'The Eerie Void Inside'

Hey folks,

I'm going to give you some details on our forthcoming album now. 'The Eerie Void Inside' is based on a kind of concept revolving in my head for a few weeks. This so called story is about a quite normal person getting unreal intentions by some voices he can't assign yet. These voices are getting more and more human until the main actor is not able to be present anymore, except the fact that he still got his body which is quite unimportant if the ability of thinking was stolen in some way. In this process he has to live through different phases that include self-destruction, murder, a lot of hate and sorrow and even some sparks of hope and his will to fight.

While we industriously were writing and recording our new songs we also had the idea of not barely releasing the album as it is expected. If it is possible we would like to bring this very own story to paper and release it as some kind of addition to make it possible that the listener is able to feel and imagine how it is to live like the person in this story which is a very important fact to us. So if we get the opportunity we will sure do so, but yet it is unfortunately still some kind of reverie.

Furthermore we decided to upload another track called 'Phase IV' which gives some clues on the story and the intensity of the torture the actor is suspended to. At this point we are now also able to present the front cover of T.E.V.I.! In our opinion this cover perfectly reflects the story. We would be pleased if you give us a few sentences about what you like and, of course, what you dislike about the whole thing.


V. / Metakognition

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